German Football Needs Urgent Change

AL KHOR, Qatar: Coach Hansi Flick is urging an immediate change in Germany’s youth football development, after a “big disappointment” exit in the group stages for the second successive World Cup.

Despite thrashing Costa Rica 4-2 earlier this morning, Germany were eliminated through the difference after Japan pulled off a huge surprise beating Spain 2-1 in yet another action of the group during a thrilling night in Qatar.

Before the match, 1990 World Cup winner and former Germany manager Juergen Klinsmann said another failure in the group stage would mean “ten times the disaster” compared to their initial elimination in Russia four years ago.

As much as Klinsmann’s concerns became a reality, Flick said Germany needed drastic changes in its youth development system to stay competitive with other countries.

Flick, who took over from Joachim Loew after last year’s European Championships, said Germany needed to follow the example of other nations if they were to improve, citing Spain as an example.

Acknowledging there was a “big disappointment” in the delivery room, Flick said: “We have players who are playing for big clubs and we also have quality (but) I believe for the future of German football we need to practice a different style of training.”

“For many years we talked about a new goalkeeper, a new winger, but what was often good (before) we were able to defend well, this element we want to maintain.

“We need to go back to basics. Even if Spain lose, we should look at them. Spain is very good in defense, they are focused on training young players and they are also sharpening their attack part.”

When Germany is due to host the Euros in 2024, Flick also suggested the team needed to make a generational change.

“It’s very important to focus on a new generation of football,” he said. “There are many good players for the future, but for the next 10 years it’s very important we make the right decisions from now on.”